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With the restaurant industry increasingly becoming more fast-paced and crowded, the right technology is needed to help keep up and stay ahead of the competition. For instance, if your menu is becoming too large to fit in the current display space, a large-screen LCD and a software package can allow you to automatically switch out menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on the time of day. The additional wall space can be sold to your vendors for an additional revenue stream. You can whet your customers’ appetites for purchasing with a dynamic visual of someone enjoying one of your dishes or customize your menu with specials depending on the day’s weather. NEC-Mitsubishi and its Display Solutions Partners can work with you to provide a total display solution that helps you bring in more customers and run your business more efficiently. A great advantage of these solutions is their seamless, out-of-the-way installation that allows you and your employees to continue doing your jobs without interruption.

Building on a tradition of LCD quality and innovation, the NEC Large-Screen LCD Series, which includes the 40” (40” VIS) NEC LCD4000 and 30" (29.5" VIS) NEC LCD3000, features the latest in advanced LCD technologies and creates new options for dining applications. The displays’ screen performance brings ideas to life, capturing the attention and imagination of viewers and ensuring that messages reach audiences with maximum clarity and impact.

NEC-Mitsubishi offers many other full lines of LCD and CRT monitors that may better suit your dining display solution needs. To view our complete product list, click here.

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