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Delivering Integration-Friendly Display Solutions

Integration Select was created by NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display to provide users with a variety of integrated monitor solutions from authorized NEC-Mitsubishi Select Integrators™. Through this program, you can benefit in many ways from the selection of high-quality NEC LCD monitors that are combined with cutting-edge touch or protective glass technologies. The program also facilitates the development of a longlasting and progressive relationship with a respected and trusted integrator.

Benefits include:

  • integration-friendly monitor design
  • the leading brand of LCD monitors
  • the choice of multiple touch technologies
  • NEC-Mitsubishi product warranty provided to integrator
  • shorter lead times; quicker delivery

NEC-Mitsubishi Select Integrators utilize specially designed monitors from the NEC MultiSync LCD family, the best-selling brand of flat panel monitors. These high-quality displays allow for efficient integration of touch technologies as well as protective glass and ensure that the integration process will not alter the integrity of the product's original appearance. In addition, all of these energy-saving monitors are equipped with wall and arm mounting capabilities and are available in white or black cabinets.

A variety of integration-friendly products:

15" LCD

17" LCD 18" LCD 19" LCD 20" LCD 30" LCD 40" LCD


LCD3000 LCD4000
Please see our product page for complete product information.

Integration Select offers the three most popular touch technologies:

  • Capacitive is the general purpose touchscreen solution. A fingertip-sensitive touch response and good optical and wear properties are trademarks of capacitive touchscreens, which are widely used in gaming, kiosks and point-of-sale applications.
  • Resistive is the most durable of touchscreens, providing unsurpassed performance and rapid response when activated with a finger, gloved hand or other objects. Impervious to environmental conditions such as liquid spills and humidity, these are the most contaminationresistant touchscreens available. Resistive technology is widely used in point-of-sale, industrial and medical applications.
  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) is the optical standard of touchscreens. Its pure glass construction provides superior optical performance and makes it the most scratchresistant technology available. Surface wave is widely used in kiosks, gaming and office automation applications.

Top-Notch Integrators. To qualify as an NEC-Mitsubishi Select Integrator, a company must meet a number of requirements, including approval of the integration process, quality control, facility and customer service, and FCC and UL compliance for each unit.

Shorter Lead Times. With NEC-Mitsubishi's more efficient LCD monitor design and our partners' ability to integrate numerous monitors in a matter of days, turnaround times on orders are greatly improved.

Quality You Can Trust. You can take comfort in knowing that your monitor's integration as well as the quality of workmanship have been officially authorized by NEC-Mitsubishi.

Manufacturer's Warranty. You can rest assured that NEC-Mitsubishi stands behind its products by providing the integrator with a 3-year warranty on its monitors. Integrators provide a 5-year limited warranty on the touchscreen and controller and a 3-year limited warranty on the monitor.

Participating Integrators

Elo TouchSystems, Inc. -- Rochester, New York

This third-party integrator provides a broad array of touch-monitor manufacturing services utilizing NEC display products. With its build-to-order capabilities, Elo is a leader in markets with uses such as point-of-sale, kiosks, medical and industrial equipment, and gaming equipment.

Contact: at 865.675.0801.

Pixelink -- Hudson, Massachusetts

This division of Richardson Electronics designs and implements complete display solutions. Pixelink serves a variety of industries, including retail, point-of-sale, industrial manufacturing, financial, medical, semiconductor and computer processing.

Contact: 800.222.2787,

DTx -- 1800 Penn St. Suite 1 Melbourne, FL 321-728-0172

DTx develops and manufactures touchscreen display and embedded computing solutions. As a premier systems engineering and integration firm, DTx provides embedded solutions to the medical, telecommunications, point-of-sale and broadcasting markets.

Contact: at 321-728-0172 x322.

Compar Corporation -- 85 Spy Court Markham, ON L3R 4Z4 Canada

Leading the Canadian market, Compar Corporation, is supplier of standard and customized integrated displays, kiosks and touch screen monitors to the medical, point-of-sale and information kiosk markets.

Contact: at 905-475-8508 X228.

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