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NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display is the North American headquarters of a Japanese technology leader. Combining R&D and engineering expertise, manufacturing power and unrivaled service, NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display innovates, produces and delivers high-quality, competitively-priced visual display products that help its customers see their digital world more clearly. Through its commitment to quality, reliability and value, NEC-Mitsubishi has become a global leader in visual display solutions. Our employees are proud to be part of an organization that represents top quality products and services, and their efforts ensure that NEC-Mitsubishi remains an award-winning brand throughout the world.

NEC-Mitsubishi’s global structure creates a multicultural environment that intensifies the challenges of working in the fast-paced computer technology industry. The differences in language, culture, and markets create unique complexities requiring additional effort and skills. To focus on meeting those challenges, we operate in a supportive environment where performance is a team sport. The entire company relies on each employee to proactively manage their unique responsibilities, and supports their efforts to ensure that the company is successful. Our “small company” environment allows employees to see a bigger picture and get involved with more business functions. At the same time, a strong global brand ensures that employees have “big company” projects and adequate resources to support the market demands. The result is the ability of every employee to contribute to the company in a significant way while they grow their skills.

Employee satisfaction is enhanced with broad job responsibilities, and a voice in decision making. Consensus-based decisions are common, and employees can expect to have their opinion solicited on a daily basis. Employees appreciate that managers offer them the autonomy in their jobs, yet are available to provide support whenever needed. While there is a sense of urgency about the work, a casual atmosphere is maintained through friendly co-worker relationships at all levels. An open door is more than just a policy; at NEC-Mitsubishi it’s just the way we work together.

A win-win employment relationship is the reward for hard work. All employees are treated with respect, and workplace policies are flexible enough to consider individual circumstances, while ensuring a favorable impact on all employees. Individuals and teams are recognized for their accomplishments and employees at all levels and in all departments are appreciated for their contributions. Employees feel that they are able to reasonably balance work and home responsibilities through flexible workplace policies. Managers work with employees to address personal issues and still get the job done. Sometimes the workload is heavy, but the friendly work environment, sense of accomplishment and professional recognition ensures that NEC-Mitsubishi maintains its reputation as a “great place to work.”

Quotes from NEC-Mitsubishi employees from various departments:

“NEC-Mitsubishi is a great place to work because....”

“NEC-Mitsubishi is a great place to work because of its people. I think it is great that all personnel levels interact with one another. I also feel that employees respect each other's work deadlines and personal lives.”
- TG, Planning

"NEC-Mitsubishi is a great place to work because the employee is never overlooked. It is a rare culture that embraces each individual as a voice worthy of being heard."
- JN, Inside Sales

“Hard work, dedication and professional accomplishments do not go unnoticed by managers and fellow associates. NEC-Mitsubishi goes out of its way to show appreciation for employee’s efforts, which contributes to a supportive and motivating working atmosphere.”
- KB, Marketing

“I like being part of an organization that values the individual contribution of new ideas and creative perspective. This factor alone promotes loyalty to the workplace.”
- RR, Customer Service

“I enjoy the people I work with and I love the amount of empowerment that's given at all levels of the organization.”
- RM, Customer Service

“You feel that you are at the heart of things and not just on the periphery. Everyone makes a difference to the success of the organization, and that gives your work meaning.”
- CT, Transportation

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